Find The Balance

We always hear the common phrase of Work-Life-Balance. It sounds so calming and peaceful , but at the same time, so impossible and overwhelming. Is it really possible to achieve Work-Life-Balance? And what is Work-Life-Balance?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online Work-Life-Balance means, “The amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing the things you enjoy.” In reality everyone’s Work-Life-Balance is different. We all have a different balance of time that we would ideally like to spend with our family and typically an appointed amount of time that we have to work. The big question is how do we achieve work life balance?

Step 1: Make a schedule of your day.
Most of you have learned by now that I am a big lists person. If a task in on my list it gets done. In trying to figure out where my day goes I live by a schedule. Yes this schedule can be broken and surprises do come up but for the most part I live by my schedule. This allows me to see what times of the day I can squeeze in something extra or, just as important for a constant mover like me, times I can squeeze in a break. Make a schedule and include everything. Estimate the time it is going to take to complete the task. In the beginning the timing might be a little off but don’t worry you will become a pro.

Step 2: Plan ahead.
Once you have a schedule laid out you can visually see how your week is going to look. At this point you know if you are going to have a normal week or a crazy mommy taxi cab kind of week. Whichever it is plan ahead! For those busy weeks try to foresee where the stress is going to be. For me, when I have busy weeks my stress typically comes from dinner time. I make it a priority to cook dinner at least 5 nights a week. Sometimes my busy nighttime training schedule does not allow me to cook a meal right before dinner so I plan head and when the girls are napping I make dinner and package it up for when I get home from the studio later that evening. Heating up dinner is totally acceptable and it keeps you away from picking up something fast (and unhealthy) on your way home. This also allows you to have a calmer and less stressful evening which allows you to focus on the important thing, your family!

Step 3: Make time for nothing!
Yes I said it… Make time for nothing! We work hard, we are the best moms on earth and we also run a house so yes you deserve time to do nothing. Each day plan time to sit down and think of nothing. For me that is watching a fun show on TV. It doesn’t have to be for long but during that time I don’t clean, answer emails, or phone calls. I disconnect from everything and think of nothing.

Work-Life-Balance is an ever changing juggle of events, tasks and responsibilities. Once you have it nailed down it will change, but don’t let this discourage you. Just like life things change and we have to adapt our lifestyles to the changes. Strive to make the important things a priority and know that the less important things will wait until we are done with the important things. Less stress, more love and lots more laughs!


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