Fitness Programs


What are Fitness Programs and how are they different from personal training and group classes?

Fitness programs are designed with specific goals for specific clients. They have a start date and an end date which gives you an achievable end goal and gives you a deadline to work towards. The time frames can range from as short as 21 days to as long as 8 weeks, it just depends on the goal of the program. There is a set cost for the entire program and the number of clients is limited to a maximum of 6 people per group. The limited number of openings is for 2 reasons, 1. With a small group the trainer can focus directly on the clients needs and create a better personal relationship, 2. The small group is cheaper than private personal training making fitness programs a great option that is easy on your budget.

Our programs are offered at different times of the year. Keep a look out here and join our Facebook page to see what is up and coming. To find out about fitness programs before they begin and to become part of our email list, please send you email address to and receive the most up to date information.


SLIM's Bootcamp

SLIM’s Bootcamp is here! If you are looking for a fitness routine that will keep you engaged, surrounded by supportive people and motivate you to achieve your summer body THIS IS IT! space is limited so sign up today!
Don’t worry…even though all our programs are underway its not too late to join. We can prorate the price for the sessions you have missed. Call us today and lets get started!

Back to YOU Bootcamp

The kids are back in school and its time to get Back to YOU!!