Live. Love. Laugh. A simple reminder.

It seems like my days continue to get busier and busier. It would be okay if we could add in more hours to accomplish these tasks but I have yet to figure out how to add hours in the day. With my oldest daughter getting bigger and more active in school events and after school events and my little girl beginning to get more active and more of a destructive mess maker, I seem to be getting busier and busier. I find myself cleaning the same room in the house 5 times, cooking meals multiple times a day and the laundry seems to multiple by itself. Once we throw in a few business meetings the day is over, all to wake up and start again. Because we tend to be so busy with our daily routine of tasks we forget about what actually matters, Live. Love. Laugh!

Live!  Somewhere in the midst of becoming moms we forget to Live. We live each day for helping others, our kids, husbands, wives, friends, the dog, but when do we stop and start living for ourselves? Plan ahead and do something each day that is just for you. Something that takes you out of your everyday routine and helps you feel like you again. Do something that inspires you to be a better you.

Love!  Because our days are jam packed we overlook special moments without realizing it. Love the big moments and the small moments. Don’t brush over those simple little moments just because you are too busy rushing off to clean the next room. Pause for two seconds and give some love. Chores will wait for you. A missed hug is a hug missed.

Laugh!  Last but not least, Laugh! Just laugh! A good laugh can completely change your outlook on the day. Be silly, be goofy and do it just because. Don’t ever forget how it feels to be happy. Happiness is contagious to everyone around us.

To sum it up remember this,

Live to be your inspiration! Love the simple moments! Laugh just to laugh!

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