Throw Away Those New Year Resolutions

New Year ’s Day has come and gone but those New Year Resolutions should be well underway. Perhaps some resolutions haven’t quit made it off the ground yet, but that’s ok. Whether you are well underway and hit the ground running or you haven’t quite figured out how that resolution is actually going to fit into your busy schedule yet, whatever it is stop stressing over it and throw away those New Year resolutions. Yes, you heard me right, throw them away.

 Around 70% of people make their New Year resolutions based on fitness. Whether that means to get fit, lose weight or to get healthy, either way it involves increasing your activity and decreasing your calories. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 90% of our “Fitness Resolutioners” will actually still be practicing their resolution after February 29th. Fitness and health is about changing your thinking, changing how you live each and every day for the remainder of your life. It sounds, impossible and incredibly long, but to be completely realistic in order to achieve a healthy life for the rest of your life you must change it for the rest of your life. Fitness is not something that changes overnight and learning to eat healthy is not something that can be changed in a month. They both are lifelong journeys that will have ups and downs and many learning lessons along the way.

Committing to a fit and healthy lifestyle is a journey. It will takes years of dedication, commitment and the strength to endure the tough times of low motivation or sweet temptations. Embarking on the journey will yes be difficult, but besides that it will be rewarding and empowering. You will discover strengths about yourself that you didn’t ever expect. You will meet people along your journey that you soon will realize were put into your life for a reason, who will help you be the best you, who will help you discover a love for healthy lifestyle. Because of this I recommend that you throw away your New Year resolutions. Don’t commit to a year long journey that is set to expire at the end of the year or one that can be easily derailed when the chaos of life and work resumes. Embark on a journey to change your life. Give yourself the peace of mind that getting healthy is not something that has to happen overnight, it takes time. Take the time to begin a journey rather than waste the time to set a resolution year after year.

 Living a healthy lifestyle is all about being realistic. It is not something that will happen this month or even next month. Given the time, it is something that can happen over a lifetime. Change your lifestyle, get healthy, be fit and feel empowered. Enjoy the journey and embrace the reward!

 Cheers to living a healthy lifestyle from 2016 and beyond!




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