What is the SLIM Fitness App?

Online Meal Planning, Exercise Tracking, Exclusive Exercise and Nutrition Videos

A NEW Approach… for REAL SUCCESS.

You already know the truth:
– Real success comes from complete balanced nutrition
– at the correct level of calories
– from real healthful foods.

When you’re ready to really succeed,
We’re here to help make it happen.
Partner your healthy eating with our award winning fitness regimen and success is
soon to follow.

Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories…

The creator of our app, Vitabot, works with you like your own private nutritionist to help you create completely balanced diets using your favorite foods. If that isn’t enough, one of our Certified Personal Trainers will be periodically monitoring your account to help keep you accountable and on track. If we see areas for improvement we will help you make the necessary changes to get results. It is like having your very own personal trainer and nutritionist in the palm of your hand!

Bringing It All Together
Vitabot takes a complex task and makes it easy and fun! Experience the difference that complete balanced nutrition can make in your life. Experience true success… Start TODAY!

Monthly Pricing

First Month is FREE to all SLIM Fitness Clients

$10/ Month thereafter for all SLIM Fitness Clients

$25/ Month for all Non-SLIM Fitness Clients


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